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2012 Conference Schedule


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Wednesday 5 September

Time Programme
11.30am – 1.00pm   Registration and Lunch                              Gulbenkian Café Bar
11.30am – 12.30pm   Postgraduate Welcome Meeting                    Gallery
1.00-1.20pm   Conference Welcome                                 Gulbenkian Cinema
1.30 – 3.30pm 


























Working Groups Session 1 Applied and Social Theatre                       Eliot Drama Studio  Business meeting Susan Haedicke:  Well-being, food security and performance: Hope is a Wooded TimeLisa Woynarski:  Being well in nature: dwelling, attending, performingMarisa Wessler (live poster): The wounded storyteller  Performer Training                                                     Jarman 1  David Roesner: Musicality in theatre: what the past can teach us for working with non-professional performersMario Frendo: Towards musicality as dramaturgy: creating Welcoming the End of the WorldEsa Kirkkopelto and Pauliina Hulkko: Self-directing actors at the gates of the unknown

Stefan Aquilina: Denuding context: bringing early 20th century practice into the 21st century  


Directing and Dramaturgy                                          Jarman 7

Brecht today  

Tony Meech: Some things we can learn from Brecht

Duska Radosavljevic: The return to Brecht in the twenty-first century

Sarah Grochala: Webs of meaning: Brechtian plot structures in contemporary playwriting    


Documenting Performance            Gulbelkian Seminar Room

Barbara Droth: The visual narrative of performance life/live

Andrew Eglinton: Digital documentation and the documentary theatre

Helen Newall: The Yellow Wallpaper: a discourse of captured ghostly beings and ephemeral events  


Performance and New Technologies       Gulbenkian Theatre  

Chair: Eirini Nedelkopoulou

Mary Oliver: Please take my hand and talk to me: a virtual act of empathy and kindness

Maria Chatzichristodoulou: The space of virtual presence

Lorna Moore: Performing the other self through interactive video

Peter Petralia: Reach out and touch someone: technology and the promise of intimacy


Performance and the Body                                        Jarman 2 Reconfigured bodies

Gianna Bouchard: Enduring specimens: female live artists and the question of bodies in biomedicine

Aldith Gauci: Representation of the disabled body in performance: transformation, potentiality and change

Allison Leadley: Performing the disabled body in virtual space: narratives of sexuality and desire in the narcissistic display of the Uncover Ostomy Campaign


Performance, Identity and Community         Cornwallis NW 5

Affect and the tyranny of participation  

Chair: Marilena Zaroulia 

Astrid Breel: Participatory neutralisation

Adam Alston: Participation and the production of affect in Ray Lee’s Cold Storage

 Alisa Richardson: ‘Incompleting the sharing’ in the work of Goat Island

Alyson Campbell: Pseudocopulation, passing and lesbian desire: The Trouble with Harry   


Popular Performance                                                  Jarman 6

Clown  Maggie Irving: Clown training: preparing for failure 


Scenography                                             Gulbenkian Cinema

Chair: Nick Hunt

Harriet Richmond: The Motley Theatre Design Course: the relationship between theatre design pedagogy and scenographic practice

Hilary Baxter: Informal interactions and the transmission of knowledge in scenographic practice: a case study of Alison Chitty

Melissa Trimingham: A different niche? A scenographic perspective on imagination, empathy and autism  


Theatre History and Historiography             Cornwallis NW 6            

Business meeting Part 1

Maggie Gale, Cultural economies of the National Theatre from Schemes and Estimates to NT Live

Rosalind Haslett: The regional theatre movement in the USA   

Theatre, Performance and Philosophy                          Gallery

Laura Cull:On Philosophy and Participation

With a response from Eve Katsouraki and Dan Watt And roundtable discussion

Martin Leach: Just ‘pulling faces at the audience’? The metaphysics of non-representationalism in Tadeusz Kantor’s work

Antje Hildebrandt: The reading of live performance: spectatorship and meaning-production in European post-modern performance practice


 3.30 – 4.00pm  Tea and coffee                                          Gulbenkian Café Bar
 4.15 – 5.15pm  Keynote Address: Erika Fischer-Lichte   Gulbenkian Cinema  Interweaving cultures in performance: rethinking intercultural theatre
 5.30 – 6.45pm  Drama Online Drinks Reception, hosted by Methuen Drama     Gallery  Presentation of TaPRA postgraduate essay prize: First prize, Aylwyn Walsh (University of Northampton) for (En)gendering Habitus: Women, Prison, Resistance; runner-up prize awarded to George Home-Cook (QMUL) for his essay The Purgatory of Listening: Paying Attention to Sound, Silence and Atmosphere in Romeo Castellucci’s ‘Purgatorio’.Stevenson and Thompson open rehearsal                   Jarman 1
 7.00 – 8.30pm  Pub Quiz                                                   Gulbenkian Café Bar 


Thursday 6 September

Time Programme
 9.00 – 9.30am   Registration, tea and coffee                         Gulbenkian Café Bar
9.30 – 11.00am            Working Groups Session 2 Applied and Social Theatre                        Eliot Drama Studio  Kat Low: ‘Woundedness’ and hopes for the future: applied theatre and wellbeingPersephone Sextou: Bedside theatre for hospitalised children and the art of being well Edmund Chow: Measuring arts project outcomes: a provisional framework for elderly people with dementia
Performer Training                                            Jarman 1  Wendy Buswell: Actor training on the rugby field: an interdisciplinary approachRebecca Woodford-Smith: Tracing traces: locating training in the in-between transcultural performer selfRoanna Mitchell: Inclusion, training, therapy: the teacher’s responsibility for building self esteem in the drama curriculumNicola Bugeja: The influence of Tai Chi Chuan in Ingemar Lindh’s practice of collective improvisation   

Directing and Dramaturgy                                           Jarman 7

Brecht and Contemporary Practice 1

Ioannis Souris: Alienating the audience: the use and purpose of alienation techniques in contemporary playwriting

Christina Papagiannoulli: A short organum for cyberformance: the internet as an apparatus for communication  


Documenting Performance            Gulbenkian Seminar Room

Alexander Kelly and Hannah Nicklin: Story mapping

Chris Lewis-Smith: Inside the looking glass

Laura Molloy: Principles of documenting performance: an update


Performance and New Technologies        Gulbenkian Theatre  

Chair: Martin BlainEirini Nedelkopoulou and Simone Knox: Live plus? Cross-disciplinary reflections on new technologies and spectatorship

Kate Hunter: I am therefore I think: applying embodied cognition to performance practice (online presentation)

Pierre Jolivet: Altitude: Hydrophonic exploration @ Titicaca (practical presentation)


Performance and the Body                                          Jarman 2

Corporeal endurances

Alex Mermikides: BloodLines: performing disease and treatment

Kelsy Vivash: Inside out: un-mediating the body with interior performance  


Performance, Identity and Community          Cornwallis NW 5      

Tyranny of participation: identities and place  

Chair: Rachel Clements 

Matt Jennings: ‘Just say yes’: the tyranny of participation in the Derry/Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013

Kirsty Sedgman: ‘Ladies and gentlemen follow me, now please put on your beards’: audience participation and National Theatre Wales


Popular Performance, Theatre History and Historiography   Jarman 6

Adam Ainsworth: Clarence Sounes: provincial entrepreneur

Catriona Craig: Improvisation and the alternative comedy movement

Viv Gardner: Kitty Marion: an economic life


Scenography                                               Gulbenkian Cinema

Chair: Rachel Hann 

Helene G. Markstein: Digging in: the niche as (w)hole

Paul Brownbill: Poles apart: communicating scenography

Melissa Poll: Niche expansion in Robert Lepage’s new theatre ecology


Theatre, Performance and Philosophy                           Gallery  

Steve Greer: Apprehending queerness:  representation after visibility

Rachel Cockburn: Ryan Trecartin: parrhesiastic artist or idle chatterbox?

Fernando Machado Silva: Singram: for an ethics of technique

Nik Wakefield: On Bergsonian duration and the act of performance


  11.00-11.30 am   Tea and coffee                                           Gulbenkian Café Bar
 11.30 – 1.00pm Panel Sessions 1  Panel A                                           Gulbenkian Cinema Clare Finburgh: Voice-as-body in contemporary French theatre David Barnett: ‘Dusting off a lively corpse’: excavating Brecht the director from the archivePanel B                                                        Gulbenkian Theatre Peter Cann: Popular theatre: a thing of the past?Jason Price: ‘You’ll never walk alone with giants’: an analysis of contemporary trends in spectacle-based street artsLouise Peacock: Who does not laugh ’til his side ache when Punch ‘beats out the brains’ of his adversaries? Comedy and violence in Punch and JudyPanel C                                            Gulbenkian Seminar Room Sarah Maitland: The politics of recognition and the ethics of the intercultural stageTony Fisher: Revolts of conduct on the Restoration stage

Tom Richards: Monologue on philosophy


Panel D                                                                            Jarman 1                                                               

Chair: Simon Murray

Mark Evans: Reflective physical practice: values and beliefs

Workshop/demonstration/discussion (participants and observers welcome)


Panel E                                                                            Jarman 2

Lis Austin: The gymnasium – learning to stand-up and sit-in

Broderick Chow: Work and shoot: the wrestler’s body through discipline and resistance

P. Solomon Lennox: ‘No pain, no gain’: boxing bodies, redemptive tales and narrative limits       


Panel F                                                                               Gallery

 Tyranny of participation and relational aesthetics  

Chair: Steve Farrier 

Steve Fossey: Toeing the line: ‘the culture of involvement’ 

Kerrie Reading: The tyranny of participation?

Helen Evans: Participation: about turn


 1.00 – 2.00pm             Lunch                                                          Gulbenkian Café Bar  TaPRAExecutive Meeting                Gulbenkian Seminar Room Postgraduate Event: Practice as Research                    Gallery
 2.30 – 4.00pm  Working Group Session 3 Applied and Social Theatre                         Eliot Drama Studio  Antonia Beck:  Creative gymnasium: exploring the use of theatre and performance to improve and maintain health and being-well for the 50+ population in CoventryZoe Zontou:  Applied theatre with people in recovery from alcohol and drug dependency: towards an activist form of dramaturgySue Mayo (live poster):  Reasons to be cheerfulAndrew Gaines (live poster):  How to act, like a real man: adapting rasaboxes for men’s drama therapy
Performer Training                                                        Jarman 1  Frank Camilleri: From ‘dynamic aliveness’ to ‘habitational action’: a practice-as-research provocationSeppo Kumpulainen: Towards the natural body: teaching acrobatics and the use of voice together(Workshop demonstration) Directing and Dramaturgy                                            Jarman 7 Looking backward and looking forward

Sarah Sigal: Marxist dramaturgy before Brecht: Erwin Piscator and The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schwejk

Stephen Lacey: Brecht and British television: some thoughts on an invisible practice

Karen Jürs-Munby: Staging “the gap between the real and what is said”: Jelinek post/beyond Brecht   


Documenting Performance            Gulbenkian Seminar Room  

Joanna Bucknall: The nature of performative documentation: interdisciplinary approaches to documenting performance

Heather Lilley: Bringing the archive to life: recreating reminiscence theatre from the documentation of past performances

Toni Sant: Questioning oral histories as an effective method for documenting performance  


Performance and New Technologies        Gulbenkian Theatre  

Chair: Maria Chatzichristodoulou

Lynn Lu: A punch in the gut: experiential knowledge, empathy, and performance art

Nancy Reilly-McVittie: Moving the ‘Liveness Project’ on: the performer as a medium in media

Martin Blain: Laptop performance practice: is it live or is it Memorex? 


Performance and the Body                                           Jarman 2

Reframing the material limits of the body

Clare Hane: Puppet bellies

Royona Mitra: Body, temporality and cultural codes in Chandralekha’s Sharira 

Victor M. Ramirez Ladron de Guevara: Vulnerability, risks and injuries: the exteroceptive, proprioceptive and interoceptive limits of the actor’s body 


Performance, Identity and Community            Cornwallis NW6

 Conversation on reading/viewing material, led by Keren Zaiontz


Popular Performance                                              Jarman 6  

Olly Double: Skill and ‘kiddology’ in variety theatre performance

Millie Taylor: Whose voice is it anyway?

Sophie Quirk: Stand-up comedy and the tools of manipulation

Ian Wilkie: ‘I say, I say, I say! Look here and now’: comedy and the mode of early learning  


Scenography                                                Gulbenkian Cinema  

Chair: Nick Hunt Sidsel Bech: What is a scenographic costume? What happened to the costume when theatre design became scenography?

Rachel Hann: Costume affects: a theory of hugging  


Theatre History and Historiography               Cornwallis NW 5 

David Coates: The economic impact of aristocratic private and amateur theatricals in the nineteenth century

Catherine Hindson: ‘By kind permission of …. ‘: charity, the stage and the benefit matinee

Janice Norwood: The business of selling and buying plays  


Theatre, Performance and Philosophy                           Gallery  

James McNicholas: On feminine poetics: The Paper Birds and the aesthetics of devising female perspectives

James Hamilton: The problem of culturally lethargic acting companies

Luis Campos: Theatrical performance: the introduction of epistemology


 4.00 – 4.30pm  Tea and coffee                                            Gulbenkian Café Bar
 4.30 – 5.30pm  Keynote Address: Heike Roms                 Gulbenkian Cinema  Performance art (in) history – archives, memories, re-enactmentsPresentation of the 2012 David Bradby Prize Awarded to Aoife Monks (Birkbeck) for The Actor In Costume, (Palgrave 2010).
  5.30 – 6.30pm   Have your cake and eat it!                                    Gallery  A reception celebrating the launch of the Routledge Performance Archive.
 7.30pm   Conference Dinner                        Cathedral Lodge, Canterbury





Friday 7 September

Time Programme
 9.00 – 10.00am   Working Group Convenors                                  Gulbenkian Seminar Room
9.30-1.000am  Registration, tea and coffee                                   Gulbenkian Café Bar
 10.00 – 11.30am  Panel Sessions 2                   Panel G                     Jarman 1  Eugénie Pastor: ‘A physicality that is hard and looks it’: Little Bulb Theatre’s unexceptional bodies and ‘non/virtuosic’ physicalities in Operation GreenfieldPaul Geary: Food: performativity from a phenomenological perspectivePanel H                                                           Gulbenkian Cinema James Haddow: Verbatim drama and historiographic theoryAmanda Stuart Fisher: Authoritative voices: economies of truth and authenticity in contemporary dramaturgies of the realCharlotte Bell: Negotiating ‘young people’ and ‘citizenship’ in the theatre for young people 

Panel I                                               Gulbenkian Seminar Room  

Chair: Alison Jeffers Helen Iball:  Being well quietly: on audience, resonance and a bigger ‘intimate theatre’

Jungmin Song:  Pizzas for the people: infiltration of pizza recipes into North Korea

Nicola Shaughnessy:  The affective practitioner and the embodiment of well-being


Panel J                                                           Gulbenkian Theatre

Chair: Fred Meller

Brian Curson and Robyn Stuart: Down the rabbit hole: a whirlwind introduction to devised virtual reality theatre   


Panel K                                                                  Videoconferencing Suite

Chair: Mary Oliver

Michaela Davies and Lian Loke: My mind y/our body (online presentation)

Liz Swift: Negotiating networks in hypertext fiction and interactive performance work

Phil Christopher: Science fiction(s) (practice as research presentation)

Claire Hind and Gary Winters: The Kong Lear archive: how technology merges with performance writing (artists’ talk and provocation)


 11.30 – 12.00  Tea and coffee                                              Gulbenkian Café Bar
 12.00 – 1.00             Tapra AGM                                                   Gulbenkian Cinema Presentation of the TaPRA Early Career Researcher Prize Jointly awarded to Jenny Hughes (University of Manchester) for Performance in a Time of Terror: Critical Mimesis and the Age of Uncertainty, (MUP 2011), and Alison Jeffers (University of Manchester) for her work Refugees, Theatre and Crisis: Performing Global Identities, (Palgrave 2012). 
 1.00 – 2.00             Lunch                                                            Gulbenkian Café Bar
 2 – 3.30pm  Working Group Session 4  Applied and Social Theatre                         Eliot Drama Studio  Nandia Tomasidou: Exploring the relationship of drama and the well-being of primary school children in CyprusSimon Parry: A state of health? Constructive dialogue and being (well) together in international youth theatreDavid Grant (live poster):  Community well-being in peace process BelfastSarah Evans (live poster):  Magic carpet and wellbeing: a five rhythms response to Arts for Health
Performer Training                                                Jarman 1   De-brief, AGM and planning for 2012-13 (45 minutes) Directing and Dramaturgy                                     Jarman 7 Brecht and contemporary practice 2  

Brian Desmond: Epic storyteller, conspicuous mask: dramaturgical strategies in Gerard Mannix Flynn’s James X 

Krysta Dennis: Bringing out the animal: the cat in Martin McDonagh’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore 

Business meeting  


Documenting Performance              Gulbenkian Seminar Room  

Planning meeting  


Performance and New Technologies         Gulbenkian Theatre  

Business and planning meeting / interim Event 2012-2013  


Performance and the Body                                           Jarman 2  

Lazlo Pearlman, Dance Me to the End of LovePerformance presentation (12-15 minutes) 


Provocations: The body at its limits/the limits of the body

Roberta Mock: Amy, Whitney and other spectacles of the toxic body

Jen Parker-Starbuck: Muscle memories: performance athletics

Lib Taylor: Looking on: endurance, audience and empathy

Business meeting  


Performance, Identity and Community             Cornwallis NW 5  

Plenary, business meeting and planning of next year/ interim event 2012-13. Nominations for a new convenor


Popular Performance                                                 Jarman 6  

Shaun May: Take my gag, please! Joke theft and copyright in stand-up comedy

Tony Allen: Order and anarchy on the streets  


Scenography                                                 Gulbenkian Cinema

Chair: Fred Meller No one said it was going to be easy: provocations and responses on the eco-systems of scenographic practices

Planning meeting 


Theatre History and Historiography               Cornwallis NW 6  

Claire Cochrane: Prestige and pitfall on the road to London: regional-metropolitan relations through the economic processes of transfer

Claire Robinson: Pantomime and the bankruptcy of Captain Bainbridge, 1889

Jenny Hughes: Theatre, poverty and the age of money: economies of shit and gold in the Royal Shakespeare Company/Cameron Mackintosh’s Les Misérables (1985) and Jim Cartwright’s Road (1986) 

Planning meeting part 2  


Theatre, Performance and Philosophy                      Gallery  

Julie De Moyer: An alternative utopia: Addio Alla Fine Fred Dalmasso: Performing politics as inexist[a]nce followed by Planning Meeting

 3.30 – 4.00pm  Tea and coffee                                             Gulbenkian Café Bar
 4.00 – 5.00pm  Keynote Address: Bruce McConachie         Gulbenkian Cinema The survival of performance studies in the 21st Century
 5.00 – 7.00pm  Palgrave book launch and drinks reception            Gulbenkian Café Bar




A PDF is available here

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