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Announcement from the TaPRA Chair

Further to our recent run of nominations and ballots please see the message below from Gilli Bush-Bailey, TaPRA Chair.

Dear TaPRA Members

Congratulations to Adelina Ong who is now the newly elected PGR
Representative on the TaPRA executive. Thank you to all those who voted and to the other three nominees – we really value your commitment to TaPRA and hope that you will continue your active role in conference and interim events.

We have also received three unopposed nominations for the following posts on the executive:

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Trish Reid
Working Group Convener: Adam Ainsworth

There were no nominations for the role of General Secretary (currently held by Kate Newey). Marilena Zaroulia (executive member without portfolio) has kindly agreed to shadow and assist in the duties of this post with a view to taking up duties from conference 2015.

It is, however, the intention of the Executive to re-evaluate all the posts on the executive over the coming year in order to make the best use of TaPRA funds.

If any member of TaPRA wishes the Executive to re-open nominations for any of the above posts, please register your intention to stand, or to nominate someone else, by no later than Sunday 30th November.

If no alternative nominations are put forward, the executive will extend its thanks to Trish Reid, Adam Ainsworth and Marilena Zaroulia and welcome them into their new roles at TaPRA conference Worcester 2015.

Very best

Professor Gilli Bush-Bailey
TaPRA Chair

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