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Call for participation: TaPRA Directing and Dramaturgy

TaPRA Conference at Royal Holloway, University of London, September 2014

Group convenors:

Vicky Angelaki, University of Birmingham

Jacqueline Bolton, University of Lincoln

Sarah Grochala, Queen Mary, University of London

Kara Reilly, University of Exeter


For further information on the working group, please visit:

The Directing and Dramaturgy TaPRA Working Group is pleased to announce ‘Adaptation’ as its theme for the annual TaPRA conference. In the conference we hope to continue the dialogue we began in our interim event ‘Radical Adaptation’ (Almeida Theatre, London, February 2014), but also to expand our conversations in more directions.

Rather than limit the scope of the research papers that we would welcome, we invite colleagues to consider adaptation practices more broadly. Adaptation is a particularly timely topic in a theatre season offering many noteworthy examples of productions which have served to reinvigorate the debate of whether adaptation constitutes a valuable practice of producing new performance or whether it indicates a retreat into our creative past. Similarly, we would be interested in exploring the concern of how much we expect an adaptation to deviate from the work that inspires it and when it might be argued that the new product crosses over to an area unrelated to the work it claims a link to. These topics are as contentious as they are inviting. We hope that our conversation in the conference will reflect this.

Focal areas for discussion include but are not limited to:

– Novel to stage adaptation: contemporary approaches (to include the work of playwrights, directors and/or companies)
– Adaptation as radical re-telling and contemporary ‘stage to stage’ (intra-adaptation) approaches
– The space between adaptation, version and translation – clarifications and varying degrees of creative intervention
– Problematizing the term ‘original’ in the context of adaptation practices

We invite members and potential members of the working group to submit 250-word abstracts or statements of intent to the conference convenors, Jacqueline Bolton ( and Sarah Grochala (

Deadline for abstracts: 30 April 2014

NB: We kindly request participants wishing to attend without presenting to register their interest to assist us with planning, preparation, and communication of the working group sessions. In this case,

if you are a new member, please simply send Jacqueline and Sarah a brief summary of your research interests and/or current projects and your reasons for joining the working group.

Only one proposal may be submitted for the TaPRA 2014 Conference at Royal Holloway University of London. It is not permitted to submit multiple proposals or submit the same proposal to several Calls for Papers. All presenters must be TaPRA members, i.e. registered for the conference; this includes presentations given by Skype or other media broadcast even where the presenter may not physically attend the conference venue. If your paper has been accepted, yet you have not registered for the Conference by the final registration deadline of 8 August 2014, we will deem you no longer intend to participate and present at TaPRA 2014.

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