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Call for participation: TaPRA Theatre, Performance and Philosophy Working Group

The co-convenors are delighted to issue a call for papers for the forthcoming conference at Royal Holloway in September on any topic relating theatre and / or performance to philosophy. The field of performance philosophy represents one of the most exciting developments in the area of theatre and performance scholarship today, and many of our members have been instrumental in those debates.

The working group’s mission is to encourage interdisciplinary debates addressing any aspect of philosophical research into the area of theatre and performance – deriving either from a continental perspective, or coming from within the analytical tradition.

The convenors would particularly welcome panel proposals with a thematic interest on any topic relating theatre and / or performance to philosophy – such as, the subject of ‘failure’, ‘negative theatre’, ‘negative emotion’ and ‘failure and representation’. Papers may address (but not only) issues of aesthetics and politics in relation to philosophy, cognitive theory of performance, phenomenology, and any working theories of performance or theatre historiography in relation to contemporary critical thought.

If you would like to join us, please send 250 word (max) proposals with brief biography and resource needs to Eve Katsouraki – – and Tony Fisher – – by 1st May 2014. We will let you know by 12th May whether or not your paper has been accepted.

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