TaPRA 2019, Exeter: Performance and New Technologies CfP – Inclusive Intermedialities?: engagement, interaction and discomfort in technologically enabled performance practices

Deadline: Tuesday 16 April 2019

Following on from discussions centring on the digital performer and social media in 2018, as well as an interim event this year exploring immersive and interactive technologies in live performance, the Performance and New Technologies working group seeks to extend and diversify these conversations at our meeting in Surrey. We are turning our attention specifically to what new modes of access, inclusion (and exclusion) are performed through contemporary practices engaging with new technologies, as well as the feeling qualities of these practices, through a focus on both empathic and disruptive connections between bodies, devices and computational processes.

In Carnal Thoughts: Embodiment and Moving Image Culture (2004) Vivian Sobchak comments on the discrepancy between the digitally compressed time and lived embodied experience. She claims that the digital image is ‘intimately bound up in a centreless, network-like structure of the present, of instant stimulation and impatient desire’. Arguably, in a culture saturated with digital imagery the significance of lived embodied experience is compromised. How do contemporary intermedial practices respond to this? Are there attempts to negotiate/recuperate/include the lived embodied experience in these practices? If so, what constitutes embodied experience in the postdigital age, what potentially new forms of embodied knowledge are being created and what new modes of access might these enable?

The Performance and New Technologies Working Group welcomes practice-based responses, provocations, lecture-demonstrations and papers, exploring and reflecting on inclusion, access and new modes of engagement in contemporary intermedial practices. Proposals may respond to, but are not limited by, the following prompts:

  • Embedding access and inclusion through new technologies
  • The ethics of technologically induced empathies
  • The disjunctures and discomforts enacted in the intersections of human and technological processes
  • The politics of the global and the local in contemporary postdigital practices.
  • Expanded scenographies in new intermedial practices
  • Virtuality and actuality in new intermedial performance
  • Approaches to conceptualising creative labour in practices which engage with new technologies, such as the ‘outsourcing’ of creative labour to non-human agents
  • New technologies in performance in the aftermath of the ‘digital revolution’

Proposals, if accepted, may be directed into a range of presentational formats, including traditional panels (with 20-minute papers), short provocations that can form the basis for wider discussion or performance-based panels. While we welcome statements of preference, final decisions will be made by the working group conveners and will be indicated at the time of acceptance. We also welcome alternative, practice-as-research or performance-based proposals that engage with the theme, but these must be achievable with limited resources and within a 20-30 minute time period. The Working Group also warmly welcomes participants who do not wish to present this year.

Submitting a proposal

Please send a 300-word (max.) proposal and a short biography in a Word document via email.

Please also include precise details of your resourcing needs, for example, any audio-visual technology, or a particular type of space (e.g. drama studio) that you will need to make your presentation.

Email abstracts and information to the Working Group conveners, Christina Papagiannouli, Jo Scott and Peter Woycicki using the working group email: perfandnewtech@tapra.org.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is Tuesday 16th April 2019. 

  Early Career Researchers Bursary Scheme: If you are an Early Career Researcher, then you are eligible to be considered for a TaPRA ECR Bursary. Please follow this link for more information, and please indicate on your proposal whether you fit the criteria and wish to be considered for the bursary scheme: http://tapra.org/bursaries/ 

Postgraduate Bursary Scheme: There will be a separate call for PG Bursaries later in the year, but please do indicate in your proposal whether you are planning on applying to the scheme.  

Please note: only one proposal may be submitted for a TaPRA event. It is not permitted to submit multiple proposals or submit the same proposal to several Calls for Participation. All presenters must be TaPRA members, i.e. registered for the event; this includes presentations given by Skype or other media broadcast even where the presenter may not physically attend the event venue.

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