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Performance and New Technologies Working Group

This working group considers the ways in which new and emergent technologies bear upon contemporary theatre and performance practices. The group’s work inevitably concerns digital technologies, although its focus is not limited to a single technological paradigm.

Members of the group share research into

  • Particular technological developments
  • Particular applications of new or emergent technologies in theatre and performance
  • Ways in which theatre/performance adapts or might adapt existing technologies
  • Interactions of body and technology in media-driven performance
  • New configurations and extensions of mise en scène and theatrical location made possible by telematic and other technologies
  • Ways in which theatre/performance is defined by developments in technology, both in its modes of presentation and reception
  • The creative processes and production outputs of practitioners/companies whose work can be seen as ‘technological’
  • Relationships between new technologies, cultural production and artistic practices
  • Specific problems or challenges that require technological solution

The group facilitates a range of approaches and conducts its work by way of both scholarly and practice-based enquiry. The input of professional practitioners is welcomed and space is given over to explore the needs and findings of those working with new/emergent technologies in contemporary theatre /performance. The group enables the gathering of individuals whose work concerns particular technical challenges and/or usage protocols (for example, in working with digital video or using ICT in performance) and there is opportunity for sub-groups to share their research at an appropriately specialist level. However, it is not expected that members are equally knowledgeable of particular technologies, usage protocols, equipment functions or technical vocabularies, and members will share their work with the group as a whole with this in mind.

The work of the group proceeds by way of email exchange, sharing of ideas, issues and difficulties, and occasional gatherings. The latter may be arranged in order to address and/or workshop a particular challenge, to discuss emergent techniques and/or share information and ideas regarding particular technical interfaces and their potential applications. The group meets at the annual TaPRA conference and may gather (potentially in smaller groupings) at other times depending on interest and availability.


Group members can use the private TaPRA members’ section to contribute to this group, ensure that you sign up for the Performance and New Technologies Working Group.

Recent News

Performance and New Technologies Working Group : Performing the Quantified Self: Authorship, Ownership and Autobiography in the era of Big Data

Call Deadline: 18 April 2016 Questions of privacy and access drive current debates around big data gathering, information mining and the re-appropriation and commodification of virtual entities, posing practical and ethical concerns around authorship, ownership and identity. Social networks occupy a central position in our daily lives, circulating knowledge and fostering innovation; but they are also…

Performance and New Technologies Working Group : Digital Memory and Techno-nostalgia: Remembering / Dismembering Performance

Call for Participation – TaPRA Performance and New Technologies Working Group 8-10 September 2015, University of Worcester   Digital Memory and Techno-nostalgia: Remembering / Dismembering Performance     Call Deadline: 17 April 2015   The ephemeral nature of live performance has always forced practitioners, critics and notaries to consider ways of committing performance to memory. The act…

Call for participation: TaPRA Performance and New Technologies Working Group

Re-envisaging Performance and ‘New’ Technologies: Evolving contexts, Emerging Practices, Current Challenges, New Directions 10th Annual TaPRA Conference, hosted by Royal Holloway Call deadline: 30 April 2014 The Performance and New Technologies Working Group invites contributors to reconsider performance and ‘new’ technologies by reflecting on current contexts, practices, and theories. The aim of the 2014 call is to examine how…
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