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Please note: This form is to for those wanting to join TaPRA (ie, people who are not already members). If you are already a member, and want to view/sign up to the members section, please click this link.

TaPRA 2016-17 Membership
Attendees of the 2016 TaPRA Conference should contact asking for a link allowing them to register as a TaPRA Member for 2016/17 as membership is included in the conference fee.

We have introduced a new way to join TaPRA, manage your TaPRA account and renew your membership.

This system allows you to create a new TaPRA website account (if you’re not already a member), as well as allowing existing website members to manage their TaPRA membership. Please note that in the future a valid TaPRA Membership will be required to access certain parts of the TaPRA website.

£30TaPRA Membership costs £30 per year*

£10TaPRA Membership costs £10 per year* for Postgraduates and Unwaged


*The TaPRA year runs from September to August.


(Please note that you are automatically listed as a member of TaPRA when you register for a conference, as membership costs are included in the conference fee. If you have attended this years’ conference, and do not already have a TaPRA website account set up, please email your name and email address to


To become a member of TaPRA, please click here, where you can subscribe online.

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