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TaPRA 2017 AGM Agenda

Theatre and Performance Research Association
Annual General Meeting, 1st September, 2017
Salford University

(Minutes from previous AGM are below)

  1. Welcome from the Chair (GB-B)
  2. Minutes of 2016 AGM to be approved and Matters arising
  3. Reports:
  4. Chair (GB-B)
    1. Summary of Executive policy discussions in 2016-17:
    2. Executive Committee posts:
    3. TaPRA Fellowships: Tracy Catell
  5. Treasurer (TR)
    1. Accounts
    2. ECR Bursaries
    3. General/ Membership Secretary (TR for MZ)
  6. Conference Secretary (DR)2018 Conference announcement
    1. 2018 Conference announcement:
    2. Surrey 2019 and Future offers & invitation to record an expression of interest
  7. Postgraduate (AO)
  8. Research Officer (JR)
    1. Deputy
    2. TaPRA awards:
  9. Digital Communications Officer (RH)
  10. Working Groups (KT)
    1. WG feedback form 5 WGs
  11. AOB

Minutes from previous AGM

Theatre and Performance Research Association
Annual General Meeting, 7th September, 2016
University of Bristol

1. Welcome from the Chair (GB-B) & Presentation of 2016 David Bradby Award

Sally Mackey was presented with the 2016 David Bradby Award. She will give the David Bradby Memorial Lecture in Salford next year.

2. Minutes of 2015 AGM and Matters arising
No matters noted. The secretary (MZ) noted that it is hard for the membership to approve the AGM minutes if they don’t have access to them beforehand. In the future, perhaps minutes from annual AGMs should be circulated or be available via the new website.

4. Reports:
a) Chair (GB-B)

i) Summary of Executive policy discussions in 2015-16: As a result of changes on the constitution, approved after the conference in Worcester, the Association is growing. The relation with SCUDD has been strengthened. The SCUDD Chair is attending the TaPRA Exec meetings, while the two associations have jointly responded to the Stern Review and AHRC doctoral awards consultation.
One question that the Executive is considering now is how do we spend TaPRA money more effectively, particularly with reference to the website as well as bursaries.

ii) Executive Committee posts: Two new posts in the Exec are coming up: PGR representative and a new post: Research Deputy officer. The Exec would like to thank outgoing officers, Ben Fletcher-Watson, Kate Dorney and Alison Jeffers.

iii)TaPRA Fellowships/Bursaries The first fellowship is launched this year and next year we will have a report from the Historiography WG on the Fellowship. WG conveners and TaPRA members are invited to put forward possible collaborations for fellowships.

TaPRA is introducing new bursaries for members who are not affiliated ECRs (both British and international). WG conveners will put forward nominations for such bursaries; the number of bursaries is not definite but they will be rolled out every year.

iv) Mentoring; There have been conversations about the kind of mentoring that TaPRA can offer to new members. It would be useful to hear what the membership would want (feedback via WGs, PG reps or individually as there are different kinds of mentoring required (PGR; ECR; mid-career).
b) Treasurer (TR)
The membership was updated on TaPRA’s current financial position. In September 2016, there is a total of £36,035.04 in the 3 TaPRA accounts.
ii) budgeting strategy for 2016-17 : It is proposed that up to £20,000 is spent to cover the cost for new TaPRA website design. A motion will be put forward to the membership to vote on that expenditure.

d) General/ Membership Secretary (MZ)

There will be a call for expression of interest for new PGR officer and Deputy Research officer in the autumn. The PGR officer will start in Salford while the Deputy Research Officer will begin during the year.
Membership has been growing this year; TaPRA has over 400 members.

e) Conference Secretary (DR)

i) 2017 Conference announcement: Jo Scott & Sheila McCormick invited the membership to the 2017 annual conference, which will be held at the University of Salford. Dates for the Salford conference: 30th August – 1st September 2017.

ii) Future offers & invitation to record an expression of interest: As TaPRA is growing, questions are raised about how big can the TaPRA conference be. The Exec would like to consult the membership about what kind of conference we want and whether we need to revise our strategy in hosting conferences (number of WGs etc).
In the meantime, TaPRA would like to thank the University of Bristol for a very smooth conference, which was the biggest conference ever.

f) Postgraduate (AO)
PG conference was successful in February and next year’s PG conference will be in Leeds. The Exec has agreed to fund the PG committee with a further £600 for the conference.
The conference in Bristol was very successful; the lunchtime session on PaR was particularly useful. Dee Heddon & Rachel Hann noted that this year’s David Bradby award shows the persistence and importance of PaR.

g) Research Officer (JR)
i) TaPRA awards: 11 books were considered for the 2 prizes and 20 essays for the PG prize. The process of judging is laborious and there is always the need for new members to join the judging panels. This year’s award winners have agreed to be part of the judging process next year, while a new post for a Deputy Research Officer to oversee the PG Essay competition is introduced.

ii) Stern Review Consultation: TaPRA has fed into the first round of consultation and will be feeding into the second round, alongside SCUDD.

h) Digital Communications Officer (RH)

There was an update on the process of selecting and commissioning a new TaPRA website. There are four website companies that have submitted proposals for designing the TaPRA website. The website will include 13 ‘mini-sites’, each for every TaPRA WG.
There was a specific interim Day on the TaPRA digital strategy and the Documenting performance WG convenors have expressed an interest in mentoring ECRs and PGs to document the annual conference in Salford.

At that point a motion was put forward to the membership to approve the expenditure for the new website. The motion was approved.

h) Working Groups (AJ/AA)
There was an overview of WG activities during the year and two-minute reports from each WG about their activities in Bristol. There were eight interim events during the year and 30 new members joined TaPRA as a result. Thanks to the convenors for all their work.

No other business.

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