TaPRA-SCUDD Postgraduate Symposium 2019

Engaging with Dissonance in Performance Research

Wednesday 13thMarch, Faculty of English, University of Oxford


9.15-9.45 Registration

9.45-9.55 Welcome


10.00-11.30 Parallel panels

Panel 1: Embodied dissonance

Chair: Hannah Greenstreet

Panel 2: Conflicted spaces

Chair: Harriet Richmond

Joe Parslow – ‘Queer Learning/Learning Queer, or Drag Queens Made Me Do It’ Bomi Choi – ‘Koreans in-between: Staging North Korean migrants in heterotopic spaces’
Nina Michelle Worthington – ‘Phenomenological Perspectives of Disability Dissonance in Theatre Practice’ Leah Sidi – ‘Between reality and hallucination: Sarah Kane and the Bayesian Brain’
Ban Heo – ‘”The Rumble in the Jungle”: A Post-Colonial Performance of Violence within a Necropolitical Arena of Valuation’ Phoebe Patey-Ferguson – ‘Cultural Dissonance As a Critical Element In The Production of Heterotopic Theatre Festivals’
Kirsty Clarke – ‘Dissonance and conflict within a drag king performance of Paganini’s 24th caprice’ Reka Polonyi – ‘Unity and Discord: Ideological shifts and contradictions in approaching play in Performance Studies’

11.30-11.45 Coffee


11.45-13.15 Parallel panels

Panel 3: Dissonant practices

Chair: Cathy Sloan

Panel 4: Conflicted identities

Chair: Robert Laurella

Dónall Mac Cathmhaoill – ‘Modes and techniques of authorship in applied theatre projects in Northern Ireland’ Sue Healy – ‘The Royal Court Theatre’s fraught and fruitful years, 1968-1975’


Majeed Mohammed Midhin – ‘Cognitive Dissonance as a Cultural Tool in Drama Analysis’ Sudip Chakroborthy – ‘Performing Bangladesh: identity, violence and quest of a pluralist society’
Aparna Mahiyaria – ‘Political Performance: Building Equal and Opposite Forces of Action’ Alexander Coupe – ‘Between wholeness and particularity: masculinity and the politics of entanglement in Owen McCafferty’s Scenes from the Big Picture
Beth Potter – ‘Reacting to the premiere of The Death of Klinghoffer’ Ariadni Lignou Tsamantani – ‘Dialectical challenges: towards a redefinition of national identity on the Greek stage’

13.15-14.00 LUNCH


14.00-14.45 Rehearsed reading of Unsettledby JC Niala, recently published in Contemporary Plays by African Women (Methuen, 2019), followed by Q&A with the playwright. Chair: Hannah Greenstreet.


14.45-14.50 Short break


14.50-16.15 Provocations and plenary discussion


Susannah Henry ‘Get Set: Running as scenographic process’
Isla Lindsay Hall ‘Performing Power in Julius Caesar: How casting and performance choices impact our implicit bias regarding leadership’
Amin Heidari ‘Body who performs ideal, Body who performs dissonant’
Mihai Florea ‘Sewing languages – stitching dissonances’
Magdalena Mosteanu ‘Richard Schechner and Rustom Bharucha: The collision of cultures in the creative process of theatre making’
Nicky Gluh ‘Dissonance as a shade of grey’
Faye Rigopoulou ‘Female aging voices and the sine qua non of musical theatre sensoriality: a provocation’
Anna Woolf ‘Performing invisible disability’


16.15-16.30 Coffee


16.30-17.30 SCUDD Workshop. Chair: Harriet Richmond.

‘Transitions into the Academy: Advice for Early and Second-Career Academics’


Panellists: Ilaria Pinna, Sophie Jump, Kate Katafiasz, Nina Michelle Worthington, Katherine Collins.

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