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TaPRA postgraduate community

The TaPRA postgraduate community is distinct from the Working Groups, being open to all postgraduates and early career researchers, regardless of field of study or membership of Working Groups. There is no need to “opt in” to the postgraduate community, and one can attend postgraduate events as well as participating in other Working Groups throughout the year.

The Postgraduate Committee aims to represent and respond to TaPRA’s postgraduate constituency and strives to develop a community which shares and fosters theatre and performance research. The Postgraduate Committee also endeavours to provide supportive environments for postgraduates interested in theatre and performance research to meet and interact, particularly during the annual conference and at an annual postgraduate symposium.

The Postgraduate Committee is also responsive to the needs of postgraduates pursuing theatre and performance research, and aims to provide topical speakers on contemporary issues that affect postgraduates within the UK.

If you are new to TaPRA, you might like to consult our handy guide to attending your first TaPRA conference, available here.

Every year, TaPRA runs a Postgraduate Essay Prize (http://tapra.org/postgraduate-essay-prize/). All entrants
receive peer feedback on their submission. The prize includes the opportunity to be mentored towards publication in a major academic journal.

You can follow us on Twitter @TaPRA_PG or contact us by email at pg@tapra.org.

    Postgraduate Representatives’ Tasks

    • Represent postgraduates within TaPRA as an organization.
    • To report to the Exec about PG activities and issues and to work closely with other Exec officers to promote the PG research community.
    • To represent the TaPRA PG community in other national and international events.
    • To plan, organize and host one dedicated postgraduate symposium event per annum.
    • To liaise between the TaPRA executive committee and conference organisers regarding the needs of postgraduates in relation to the Annual Conference.
    • To organize the postgraduate Welcome event and informative lectures on career development and research skills at the annual conference.
    • Facilitate networking and communication within the postgraduate community and feedback after events and activities.
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