The TaPRA Prize for Outstanding Research Contribution

This prize is for exceptional research and is made to a distinguished scholar of international standing who has made a significant contribution to the development of theatre and performance as a scholarly field through a body of work.


The deadline for submission is midnight UK time on Friday 31 March 2023.



  • Contribution – What is the significant contribution of the body of work?
  • Influence – How influential has the body of work been on the direction of research in the field of theatre and performance?


1. A 500-word statement from the nominating Working Group addressing how the research of the nominee as exemplified in the four outputs meets the criteria. This statement will be taken into consideration as part of the judging process.
2. Four outputs of the research that support the statement. These examples can include:
• Monograph
• Edited collection
• Article
• Book chapter
• Practice as research
Articles, chapters, monographs and edited collections should be submitted as PDFs of the published version. We can also accept e-books and pre-publication proofs. Practice as research should be submitted using a URL (and password if appropriate).


Invitation to present keynote lecture at the TaPRA conference following the award and costs associated with attendance covered.

Membership of TaPRA a year, normally for the year following the award.


Nominations for this award are made through TaPRA Working Groups by the WG convenors in consultation with the nominee. The nominee does not need to be a member of TaPRA or be working in the UK. There can be only one nomination per Working Group every two years.


All the material in the submission should be in the public domain by the nomination deadline. At least one of the outputs should have been published within two years of the nomination deadline.

TaPRA reserves the right not to award this prize every year.




Only Working Group convenors can submit nominations for this prize, on behalf of their working group.

TaPRA 2023 at Leeds

Our 2023 conference will be hosted in partnership with the University of Leeds.

TaPRA 2023 at Leeds

Our 2023 conference will be hosted in partnership with the University of Leeds.

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