How to Vote in TaPRA Elections

From 2017, voting in TaPRA Elections is changing. To ensure the process is as straightforward and time efficient as possible, we are going to be using an application called ElectionRunner. This automatically contacts all current TaPRA members with a unique ID and password that allows you to vote via a web browser or a free to download mobile app.

Once the nominations have been received and an election is called, all TaPRA members will receive an email. This email will be sent to the address that you signed up for the Annual Conference with OR if you did not attend the Annual Conference the email included when making the PayPal payment to renew membership.

If you have not received an email about a current Election and you were expecting one, please contact us at:


Current Election

Nominations are now closed.

The election for TaPRA Chair is now active. All current TaPRA members will receive an email with details on how to vote, including the access to the candidates’ statements.

The candidates’ statements can also be viewed here.

No nominations were received for the position of TaPRA Treasurer.

Notes on Elections

Elections will typically include ballots for more than one Executive roles and will include the statements of each nominated individual. The first stage of an election is nominations. You can nominate by navigating to the banner below. Each nomination must be made by a current TaPRA member and seconded of a current member. The deadline for nominations is listed on the calls.

If more than one individual is nominated for a role, this role will be added to the ballot as part of a formal election. If only one individual is nominated for the role and that individual is approved by the Executive, the membership will be notified without the requirement of the ballet being added to an election.

Finally, statements are sought from the nominated candidates. These statements will be displayed on the ElectionRunner interface when voting. We strongly recommend that each voting member read the statements of the candidates in full before casting their vote.

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