The TaPRA Transformative Research Prize

This prize is awarded to a research project that has brought about demonstrable change using theatre and performance knowledge and praxis. It could include projects that:

  • benefit a particular community in particular ways through theatre and performance;
  • use theatre and performance praxis to create social change;
  • influence change in cultural organisations and/or cultural policy;
  • work in partnership with artists/companies to develop new ways of making performance; and/or
  • bring about innovation in teaching theatre and performance.

This award is for scholars at any stage in their career. It can be awarded to an individual researcher or to a team.


The deadline for submission is midnight UK time on Monday 6 February 2023.



  • Significance – What is the significance of the change the project seeks to address?
  • Transformation – How effectively has the project addressed the challenge? How likely is change as a result?


  1. A 500-word statement from the project leader stating clearly what problem the project sought to address and what changed as a result of the research. The statement should also address the timeliness of the project, evidence of the project reaching intended stakeholders, and any mechanisms in place to enhance continued change/transformation.
  2. A 300-word testimonial from a stakeholder confirming the change that has taken place.
  3. Up to three outputs in the public domain that support the statement.

These might include:

  • Website
  • Documentation of performance
  • Podcast
  • Policy paper
  • Report
  • Article
  • Chapter


Invitation to present the project at the TaPRA annual conference in the year following the award with free conference registration and costs associated with attendance covered up to £200.

Membership of TaPRA for a year, normally for the year following the award.


This prize is by open submission. The project leader does not need to be a member of TaPRA or be working in the UK.

The submission should be accompanied by a statement from a stakeholder in the project. The stakeholder does not need to be a TaPRA member.


All the project outputs in the submission need to be in the public domain by the nomination deadline.

The same project cannot be submitted for this prize more than once.




Only current TaPRA members can submit nominations for this prize. TaPRA members may self-nominate. Nominations must also be seconded by a stakeholder in the project. The stakeholder does not need to be a TaPRA member. You may not nominate or second more than one project for this prize in any given year.

TaPRA 2023 at Leeds

Our 2023 conference will be hosted in partnership with the University of Leeds.

TaPRA 2023 at Leeds

Our 2023 conference will be hosted in partnership with the University of Leeds.

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