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Applied and Social Theatre

This working group is concerned with the application of drama and theatre to community, educational and therapeutic settings. Interest in the efficacy of theatre-making in such contexts has grown in the last twenty years, raising new questions about the role of universities in shaping social policy and in the wider community. The working group was established to raise questions about the ethics of practice and research in applied and social theatre, and the relationship between practice, research and teaching in this aspect of scholarly inquiry.

The working group intends to offer a forum for those engaged in research and practice that is orientated towards social change to discuss the implications of practice, particularly in contexts where they may be cultural outsiders. The working group has a strong interest in work that takes place internationally, as well as recognising the complexity of community.


Group members can use the private TaPRA members’ section to contribute to this group, ensure that you sign up for the Applied and Social Theatre Working Group section.


Latest News

Applied and Social Theatre Working Group : Open Call for Papers

The Applied and Social Theatre Working Group is one of the longest standing groups in TaPRA, and celebrated its 10th anniversary along with the organisation in 2014. As the outgoing conveners hand over to a new team at this year’s conference we find ourselves in a reflective mood. Discussions to date have been wide ranging…

Applied and Social Theatre Working Group : An Open Call for Papers

TaPRA Conference 2015, University of Worcester Applied and Social Theatre Working Group An Open Call for Papers 2015 is a good year to pause and reflect on the achievements, shifts, concerns, hopes and future directions of research in Applied and Social Theatre. Research in Drama Education is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, prompting a review of…

Call for participation: TaPRA Applied and Social Theatre Working Group

For the 2014 TaPRA Conference, we would like to invite proposals on the following subject: Heroism and Heroic Action in Applied and Social Theatre Applied and Social Theatre discourse has long exercised caution about notions of heroism, perhaps troubled by associations that are Romantic, gendered, individualistic and adulatory. Recently, however, perceptions of heroism have begun…



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