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Tragedy and the Contemporary

Citizens Theatre
119 Gorbals Street – Glasgow

Saturday 7 May 2016

Clare Finburgh:
Sam Haddow:

Guest Speakers: Zinnie Harris (playwright), Dominic Hill (artistic director, Citizens Theatre Glasgow), David Greig (playwright), Graham McLaren (director), Graham Eatough (director), Mark Brown (critic).

The Directing and Dramaturgy Working Group of TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association) is hosting an event around This Restless House, Zinnie Harris’ adaptation of Aeschylus’s Oresteia, directed by Dominic Hill at the Citizens Theatre Glasgow. This event, which will begin at 9:30am and run until after the evening performance, will include: an opportunity to see all three parts of This Restless House; discussions with the production’s creative team; a round table between some of Scotland’s leading theatre-makers; academic papers on the subject of tragedy and the contemporary.

The discussions will aim to explore how recent interest in theatrical tragedy – modern adaptations of classics as well as new plays – might reflect the accelerating social, political and ecological crises of the early twenty-first century.  We will discuss this question both in relation to writers’, dramaturgs’ and directors’ creative outputs, and to Scottish theatre in general.

Attendance at the day will cost the following (prices include morning tea/coffee and lunch):

£10 to waged TaPRA members

£20 to waged non-TaPRA members (£10 will go towards TaPRA membership)

£5 non-waged TaPRA members

£15 non-waged non-TaPRA members (£10 will go towards TaPRA membership)

Please note that since this event is in part sponsored by TaPRA, all attendees are required to be TaPRA members. For details on the TaPRA organisation, please see:

Please bring your fee with you in cash on the day.

Please purchase your own performance tickets, stating that you’re attending the TaPRA event. (

This event will be run with the generous support of the Citizens Theatre Glasgow, TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association), the European Theatre Research Network (University of Kent) and the Public Engagement Support Fund (University of Kent).

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