The TaPRA Transformative Research Prize

This prize is awarded to a research project that has brought about demonstrable change using theatre and performance knowledge and praxis. This award is for scholars at any stage in their career. It can be awarded to an individual researcher or to a team.


Domestic worker protesting at Piccadilly Circus, London. Photo by Ella Parry-Davies.




Ella Parry-Davies

for the project Home Makers: Expertise in the Filipino domestic worker diaspora

More about this project: 

Go for a walk with sounds made by migrant domestic and care workers: 

Ella Parry-Davies (2021) Essential and Invisible: Filipino irregular migrants in the UK’s ongoing COVID-19 crisis 

This project addresses a hugely important issue related to modern slavery by revealing lived experiences of domestic workers that have been previously unheard and invisible. The collaboration with the Filipino Domestic Workers Association has been harnessed with considerable ingenuity and reciprocity to create performance works that are activist and empowering. The fact that participants were remunerated for their contribution – creating the soundwalks – is a significant shift in the ethics and politics of participatory performance projects. It’s clear from the stakeholder statement and the soundwalks themselves that the project has had an important and positive impact on the participants. The forms of documentation and dissemination show innovation in how practice research is shared across and beyond the academy.




Petronilla Whitfield

for Teaching Strategies to Enable Acting Students with Dyslexia

The judges commented that Petronilla Whitfield’s timely and important project aims to transform disabling pedagogical practices and presumptions in actor training, providing specific strategies suitable for the diverse needs and skills of students. The judges remarked that while the transformation enabled by Whitfield’s work is localised and intimate, it has clearly long-lasting impact on participants, who report now having a set of tools to mobilise in their own practice. The project’s significance is demonstrated by its call for the discipline itself to scrutinise its own practices, which is crucial for an ethical and just future of theatre and performance studies.



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TaPRA 2023 at Leeds

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