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Performance and the Body

The value of performance and the performance of value are longstanding concerns in scholarship, professional practice, and civil society. Ideas raised at the conference included:

  • Conceiving cultural value. How might performance be understood to create value within wider cultural, political, ethical and historical contexts?
  • Producing cultural value. If cultural value is understood as something that is actively produced through performance (rather than something that axiomatically inheres within performance), how do we account for the way in which this occurs?
  • Measuring cultural value. How do we develop and deploy mechanisms to gauge the value of performance practices? How, for example, might we negotiate arts funders’ desires for quantitative data alongside interests in qualitative responses?
  • Articulating cultural value. What critical language can be developed to articulate findings that is both concrete and yet nuanced enough to encourage effective debate?
  • Embedding cultural value. How are processes of conception, production, measurement and articulation embedded within community activity, public policy making, organisational governance and civil society at large?


Group members can use the private TaPRA members’ section to contribute to this group, ensure that you sign up for the Performance and the Body Working Group.

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