TaPRA 2018, Aberystwyth, Documenting Performance WG: Classes of Categories

Deadline: April 20, 2018
   Theatre and performance, as well as associated categories of visual art and broader modes of cultural encounter, are permeated by questions of ontology. Dilemmas of concept, classification, and relation sit at the core of our field of investigation, both practically and theoretically. In cultural theorist Sianne Ngai’s 2012 return to the problem of aesthetic categories, she proposes the minor, everyday and seemingly fleeting categories of the ‘zany’, the ‘cute’, and the...

Migration and Documentation

Deadline: April 13, 2017
Questions of migration are among the most contested in contemporary culture. In the current political climate, investigating the performative role of the document in controlling the movement of bodies across borders has particular urgency. The troubled status of documentation as identification affects performances of self at the most intimate levels, producing vulnerability and precariousness in direct relationship to the certainty and transparency it claims to uphold. In the case of queer...

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