Summer Document 2020 TaPRA WG in Theatre, Performance, and Philosophy

Deadline: July 10, 2020
A physical meeting is not happening this year to ensure that the TaPRA working group in Theatre, Performance, and Philosophy puts the health of its members first. In lieu of thinking together in person, we would be grateful to hear from you. This is voluntary, and we understand that colleagues may not be able to fit extra work into an already overloaded summer. The idea is to put together the thoughts of the working group into a single document that can be shared within the group and, if you...

TaPRA 2020, 2 – 4 September, Liverpool Hope University, Theatre, Performance and Philosophy Working Group CfP: Unknowing: Modes of Performance

Deadline: April 17, 2020
At this year’s TaPRA conference we will come together to think about theatre and performance as modes of “unknowing”. We wish to explore the modalities through which practices of (re)presentation might encourage philosophical, affective and creative questions that support a rethinking of – systems of knowledge – individuality and subjectivity – understandings of agency and mastery – patterns of relationality – notions of politics and...

TaPRA 2019, Exeter – Theatre, Performance and Philosophy Working Group CfP: Dispossession: Agency, Ecology and Theatrical Reality

Deadline: April 16, 2019
  “Dispossession: Agency, Ecology and Theatrical Reality”     In Ursula Le Guin’s 1974 novel The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia, children are educated to engage only with what interests others; the opposite is considered self-indulgence, condemned as “egoizing”. The disowning of any idea of the self is considered a virtue, as is the ability to speak the language of others. Le Guin’s novel fictionalises a common narrative in processes of 20th and early...

TaPRA 2018, Aberystwyth, Theatre, Performance and Philosophy WG: Dialectics of dread and refuge

Deadline: April 20, 2018
In A Grammar of the Multitude, Paolo Virno asks how we might overcome the twenty-first century’s crises of politics, the systematic paralysis into which political action is continually falling. He also asks how we might find refuge in a world characterized by ubiquitous fear, by the experience of ‘not feeling at home.’ What might strategies of unconditional refuge be in the face of failing security? What are the choreopolitical paths of disobedience? Virno points towards defection as a...

Reaching | Outreaching

Deadline: April 20, 2018
Loughborough University London, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 9 June 2018    The language of ‘outreach’ shapes conversation on university and artistic life, from ‘strategic visions’ to arts council applications. But what does it mean to reach out? What is the discourse on outreach as a gesture – an act and effect?   In On Being Included, Sara Ahmed argues that institutional commitments to diversity may be considered “non-performatives”: “they do not...

Theatre, Performance and Philosophy : Call for Contributions

Deadline: April 13, 2017
The co-convenors are delighted to issue a call for papers for the forthcoming conference at the University of Salford in September on any topic exploring the relation of theatre, dance or performance to philosophy. The working group’s mission is to encourage interdisciplinary debates addressing any aspect of philosophical research into the area of theatre and performance – deriving either from a continental perspective, or coming from within the analytical tradition. This year, we welcome...

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