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The Theatre and Performance Research Association’s Working Group in Theatre, Performance and Philosophy seeks three new conveners to take up the roles before the next annual conference. Expressions of interest are welcome from colleagues individually or in teams at any stage of their career.

The working group has a broad focus on research in the field of theatre and performance that engages with philosophy. This can mean interdisciplinary work, but it has also meant performance that proposes ways of thinking and theorising. The group has a sustained interest in how practices are generative of thinking; and how philosophy might inspire a reflectively applied approach to performance that interrogates the potential of concepts to be creative and critical of forms. The working group’s research has engaged with innovatively practical theories as political values with relevance to urgent problems and pressing opportunities in the worlds of theatre and performance, but also with commitments to awareness of impacts more widely.

The TaPRA working group in Theatre, Performance, and Philosophy seeks thinkers to take over the convenorship in order to extend the importance of theory to performance in new directions.

Please send a 300-word expression of interest and CV to Deadline: 31 January 2023.

More information on the role is on the Constitution page (scroll down to the bottom).

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