Statement of solidarity with trans and non-binary people

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TaPRA is an organisation committed to action-led care, anti-exclusion, and anti-oppression. Following those commitments, we express our solidarity with trans and non-binary scholars, artists, workers and others in our community and within the global fields of dance, theatre and performance. We believe that active solidarity is necessary and urgent at a time when trans and non-binary people’s access to legal protection from discrimination is increasingly under threat.

2023 has already seen the British Parliament veto the Scottish Gender Recognition Reform Bill and question the legal definition of “sex” as a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 (EqA). While the EqA currently enshrines in law trans and non-binary people’s entitlement to freedom from discrimination, the changes to law under consideration bring these basic freedoms into question. Advice provided to the government on 3 April 2023 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission demonstrates that these plans will erode the capacity of trans and non-binary people to live with dignity, integrity and the right to privacy.

The right to live with dignity is essential for the growth of artistic and research communities. It is on this basis that TaPRA seeks to present and protect the fundamental and best interests of its members, and of research and researchers in our fields. To this end, and to put action at the heart of what we do, we propose the following:

1. To develop a bursary scheme for minoritised scholars and artists in dance, theatre, and performance, covering costs of registration and attendance at TaPRA events. In its first year, this will be committed to trans and non-binary scholars and artists. The bursary will be created through fundraising contributions from members, including the Executive Committee, who feel able to contribute. (Such an approach to fundraising is permitted under TaPRA’s Articles of Association and the Companies Act.) This will be brought as a proposal to the Annual General Meeting in Leeds, where the Members of the Company will be asked to vote on the resolution.

2. To foreground, in an intersectional manner, trans and non-binary scholars and research in the curation of TaPRA sponsored panels.

3. To commit to ensuring the participation of trans and non-binary scholars and research across Working Group events, interim research and mentorship events, and leadership positions.

Proposed and written by: Broderick Chow, Diana Damian Martin, Solomon Lennox, Royona Mitra, Roberta Mock, Sharanya Murali, Adelina Ong, and Arabella Stanger.

Ratified by the TaPRA Executive Committee

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